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Secure and communicate your packaging policy worldwide with PackAssist®

“Thanks to PackAssist I am not only able to give an unambiguous packaging instruction worldwide, but my people on the floor can also give input for improving these instructions.”

PackAssist explained

packaging instructionEveryone, everywhere, everytime the latest version Regular packaging instructions (mostly on paper) are almost impossible to secure. Are your employees able to find them fast enough? Do you know if they are working with the latest version at that moment? And is this the instruction for this specific product?

PackAssist centrally stores all packaging instructions. This prevents circulation of multiple versions and everyone works everytime with the latest, most up to date version.

Simply scan the product label or type in the product code and the packaging instruction is started. In this way you can be sure people use the correct instruction.

Satisfied customersLess damage, less errors and a professional image PackAssist ensures that considerably less products will arrive in a damaged state. But also the number of times the wrong product arrives at the destination is minimized by PackAssist.

In service logistics (spare parts) the above factors improve the service level towards the customer, resulting in a higher up-time. This will directly bring satisfied customers.

Indirectly the professional and uniform appeal of your products will positively impact customer satisfaction.

unambiguous communicationUnambiguous communication through the chain In our 25 years of experience we often see the packaging is appointed as the culprit when problems like transport damage occur. However, the cause is often not the packaging itself but the process around it. The packaging is good enough but it is not used in the correct way.

PackAssist improves this process via better and unambiguous communication. Packaging ideas actually reach the working floor and are interpreted correctly.

chain-wideChanges implemented immediately and everywhere PackAssist stores all information centrally, but also all changes. A change in 1 place is immediately active worldwide. Of course you can define who is authorized to make those changes.

You prevent time consuming procedures and having to implement the changes per location.

Calculate optimal packaging One of the most important features of PackAssist is that it can calculate the best fitting packaging automatically, taking the fragility of the product into account. A fragile product like a printboard simply needs more protection than a simple bolt.

This complex choice is translated into an easy to use interface for the operator.

So even when you did not define all links between products and packaging, PackAssist is of great help to you. PackAssist chooses the smallest possible packaging while taking the fragility of the part into account.

One product - multiple destinations When a fragile part is transported through air by a parcel service it needs more protection compared to when it is transported by truck within the own region.

PackAssist takes this frequently occurring problem into account and calls it different "destinations".

Examples of "destinations" are:

  • Distinction between packing for production and packing as service part
  • Distinction between separate packing and bulk packing
  • Different transportation methods (air/sea/road) for the same product
  • Customer specific packaging and/or labeling

packaging standardizationPrevent proliferation PackAssist creates links between products and packaging so you can work with a small, standardized set of packaging materials.

In practice in at least 95% of the cases you can work with a packaging coming from this standard set. Only when there is a funded reason you allow a custom made packaging (e.g. an exceptionally fragile product).

In this way you prevent a proliferation of packaging. This helps your employees to keep the overview. Moreover it will bring you advantages in the areas of purchasing and stock management.

New products For every new product the system is checked for packaging that is used to pack products with similar properties.

New instructions are easy to make by authorized users. First the instruction is checked and approved whereafter it goes live for the complete supply chain with one press on the button.

uniform packagingPrint module You never get a second chance for a first impression. When you talk about a professional image people often think about nicely designed boxes that are identically formed. Correct, but next to that also labeling is very important! All important information of your product such as name, article number, barcode, etc. is on the label.

That is why PackAssist has a print module. With this print module you realize as a company that all departments, worldwide, and all your suppliers within your supply chain, place identical labels consistently in the same position on the packaging.

The exact location is shown in an animated instruction in PackAssist that at the same time gives a command to print the uniform label in your company’s design. In this way you get identical looking packaging, worldwide and from every location. This leaves a professional image at your customers.

No-investment-costsEveryone can pack Normally it takes days to weeks to train new employees to pack in accordance with your packaging policy. With PackAssist a packer can pack fully in accordance with your central packaging policy in 10 minutes, independent of the language he speaks.

PackAssist offers a very accessible, intuitive way of working allowing employees to work independently fast. Especially when there are:

  • A lot of different shifts
  • Staff changes
  • Capacity fluctuations
  • New acquisitions (and therefore new warehouses)

PackAssist offers the solution to quickly communicate to the field in a clear way.

Continuous-improvementData analysis PackAssist collects a lot of data in the background. With this data we can determine where further optimization is possible in your packaging assortment, for your product range and order flow.

Next to that PackAssist offers your employees the possibility to indicate that according to them a product is packed in a too large box. It is very valuable to utilize the "eyes on the floor" in this way. After all, the one that recognizes a potential improvement is ofen located on the working floor.

In this way you can continuously improve and give real empowerment to the operator on the working floor.

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