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Over 25 years of experienceFPC has a wealth of experience in the field of packing. Originally we started with the design of complex sustainable packaging for industrial applications. In the meantime we have demonstrated our capabilities in consultancy and software development and implementation.
Nothing to worry aboutFPC beyond packaging guides you through the process from A to Z. From pinpointing the problem areas to implementing the software we will take the lead.
Quick resultsQuickly after implementation you will notice results in the form of overview, cost saving, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

FPC - beyond packaging

PackAssist is an application of FPC - beyond packaging. FPC is a group of passionate packaging consultants and specialists with a vision. Our team has extensive experience and a “helicopter view”. This is important because packaging is often something that is decentralized (across divisions) in an organization, and therefore lacks a single point of contact.

Ultimately, FPC aims for ensuring that your product arrives in perfect condition at the destination. This requires not only functional packaging, but also a matching supply chain. FPC addresses this by looking at the entire packaging and logistics process through an integrated approach.

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