Developing packaging that perfectly matches your supply chain is an art in itself. But implementing the packaging in a way that everyone knows what do do, is an even bigger challenge.

FPC has therefore developed the perfect communication tool for packing instructions: PackAssist.

PackAssist is an intelligent web-based application that ensures it is always and everywhere known how your products need to be packed. Complete with detailed packing instructions in any desired language. All this completely according to the packaging policy that you want to implement.

PackAssist offers you 4 main advantages, click on the advantages to read more:

Uniformity and professionality

PackAssist enables you to apply your packaging policy in the same way, everywhere in the supply chain. This brings uniformity in packaging and a professional image towards customers.

Packaging instructions are centrally managed and secured in PackAssist. As a result every product is packed in the same way everytime and everywhere. The visual, step by step instructions from PackAssist limit the deviations to a minimum. This makes sure that every packaging has the same uniform and professional appeal of towards your customers.


Less errors and damages

In the packing area a lot of errors are caused by the fact that operators do not have the overview on the entire chain. The danger is that they make suboptimal choices causing errors and damages.

PackAssist secures the worldwide packaging policy per product in 1 system. All necessary steps to be able to pack the product are carefully stored.

You centrally define how a product is packed in the best way. With powerful visual instructions you indicate how and with which packaging materials the product needs to be packed. The number of wrongfully packed products will decrease and as a result also the number of transport damages will be much lower.

The use of PackAssist at one of our customers reduced the number of damages with 90%.


Transport cost reduction

PackAssist links your products to the best fitting packaging. As a result you will have a lower transport volume which brings lower transport costs. Moreover you will use less packaging and stuffing material.

Next to that PackAssist can automatically choose the best fitting packaging for a product, taking the fragility of the product into account. So even when you did not define all links between products and packaging PackAssist is of great help to you. PackAssist calculates the packaging with the lowest volume and it is operational within 1 minute.

PackAssist also offers your employees the possibility to indicate that according to them a product is packed in a too large box. It is very valuable to utilize the "eyes on the floor" in this way. After all, the one that recognizes a potential improvement is ofen located on the working floor. In this way you can continuously improve.

In practice we see that the transport volume reductions achieved by PackAssist result in transport cost reductions up to 40%.

Complete supply chain under control

PackAssist controls the complete supply chain from suppliers to customers. You are the director and you achieve verified packaging agreements within your supply chain.

PackAssist is a webbased application so it only needs a PC, laptop, tablet or other device with an internet connection to run. This makes it possible to run PackAssist in all your packing centres worldwide, so you have the same packaging instructions everywhere in the world. It also offers the possibility to connect suppliers and customers. In this way it is possible to instruct your suppliers to pack in the right way.

We cannot emphasize enough that when synergy with chain partners is realized in this way, a real difference can be made. By connecting chain partners on the same system you achieve that also there it is clear how you want your products to be packed. This will result in less errors and clear and umambiguous communication.


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