One product - One destination This is the "basic" functionality of PackAssist. Simply scan the product label or type in the product code and the operator gets step by step visual instructions on how to pack the product in the best possible way.

One product - multiple destinations When a fragile part is transported through air by a parcel service it needs more protection compared to when it is transported by truck within the own region.

PackAssist takes this frequently occurring problem into account and calls it different "destinations".

Examples of "destinations" are:

  • Distinction between packing for production and packing as service part
  • Distinction between seperate packing and bulk packing
  • Different transportation methods (air/sea/road) for the same product
  • Customer specific packaging and/or labeling

Automatic packaging selection One of the most important features of PackAssist is that it can calculate the best fitting packaging automatically, taking the fragility of the product into account. This complex choice is translated into an easy to use interface for the operator.

So even when you did not define all links between products and packaging PackAssist is of great help to you.


Special packaging PackAssist will be able to automatically process 95% of all products. Of course there will always be exceptions, for example extremely large or fragile products that do not fit in a standard box.

In these cases PackAssist informs the packaging specialist with a picture, product code and the dimensions of the product. In this way no time is lost on informing the specialist and the packaging specialist is provided with all information he needs to come up with a fitting solution.


Print module You never get a second chance for a first impression. When you talk about a professional image people often think about nicely designed boxes that are identically formed. Correct, but next to that also labeling is very important! All important information of your product such as name, article number, barcode, etc. is on the label.

That is why PackAssist has a print module. With this print module you realize as a company that all departments, worldwide, and all your suppliers within your supply chain, place identical labels consistently in the same position on the packaging.

The exact location is shown in an animated instruction in PackAssist that at the same time gives a command to print the uniform label in your company’s design. In this way you get identical looking packaging, worldwide and from every location. This leaves a professional image at your customers.


Testimonial - Philips Healthcare Philips Healthcare is one of the first companies that is implementing PackAssist in its supply chain worldwide. A critical analysis revealed that around one third of the DOAs were packaging related: incorrectly packed, improper handling, stacking, damage, etc. Moreover, there was a proliferation of more than hundreds of types of packaging without unambiguous instructions.

Philips was looking for a partner who is aligned on standardization and packaging instructions. Language independence, reduced costs and increased quality demands were therefore the most important requirements. This has succeeded according to Eric Ermstrang, Director of Global Transportation & Packaging:

“After an intense collaboration, we came to the perfect solution that helps to bring simplicity to the complex supply chain!”