PackAssist has been developed with the user in mind. This comes forward in the layout and features of the application.
Below you see the unique features of PackAssist:

Easy to use

The intuitive user interface and the visual instructions make PackAssist easy to use, also for inexperienced people and people without a technical background.


No installation

PackAssist is cloud-based and is offered to you via the software-as-a-service principele. That is why you do not have to install software.

This has advantages in the areas of investment, maintenance and licence costs.

dynamic supply chain


Of course your business and your supply chain are continuously changing. In PackAssist you can add packaging, products, suppliers and destinations on any given moment.


24/7 support

PackAssistance is a part of PackAssist. It offers you online support for using the application and explanation about the different elements and screens of PackAssist.


The PackAssist master and partner licenses structure allows you to easily add new locations or suppliers. Within a day your partners are operational.

Bottom-up registration

The "I know a better package" registration module from PackAssist gives you valuable input about potential improvements from the working floor. With one press on the button they can give their feedback.

print module

Print module

With the PackAssist printmodule you realize as a company that all departments, worldwide, and all your suppliers within your supply chain, place identical labels consistently in the same position on the packaging.


Language independent

Visual instructions make sure dat everyone quickly understands how the packing should be done, independent of the language they speak.


Secured version management

All additions and changes are stored centrally. Working with old versions is prevented and changes in 1 place are immediately active worldwide.